while working 3 days a week

The 5 secrets to growing a
profitable Creative Business 

How to get dream clients, real money & more time in your life without the chaos of juggling all oF lifes tasks or compromising on what matters most to you.

The 5 Secrets to growing a profitable creative business


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Let me show you the secrets that...

> Tripled my client average

> gave me 7 x more annual profit

> Allowed me to work only 3 days a week

> meant I never worked 1 Saturday (in the wedding industry)

> Gave me 3 months off every year

In this masterclass you will learn:

the juicy stuff!

nothing scary here


that is contributing to lack of profit & sucking up their time.


5 NUmbers ($) you should know & TRACK

in order to make a profit, may yourself a wage & experience the freedom that can comes from knowing your finances!



The most effective way to attract your ideal client

and elevate the quantity & quality of your enquiries


How I went from booking $1,500 clients to $8,000 clients

within a matter of 6 months. And the single most effective way to sell anything at any price.



even when you're not a "systems" or organised kinda gal.

This Masterclass is a                      if...

You own a creative business but have been struggling to make a living from it (and let's be honest, you actually have no idea how much you're making)!

You are in the beginning stages of growing a creative business, but you want to make sure you do it right from the beginning (and not struggle for a year without profit like I did)!

You want to learn how you can grow or rescue your Creative Business, while working less and not compromising on what matters to you the most (actually make money, have more time and get dream clients).

You are a

must attend













You can run a profitable business

You don't have to struggle financially

You can find clients to pay you what you're worth.

the secret's out!

I want to teach you the exact steps I took to not only transform my floral design business, but so many other creative businesses.

There are so many creatives who are making money, getting their dream clients and having time for what's most important for them.

It takes a bit of strategy, and a bit of "know-how" to do it, but in this masterclass I'll fill you in on all the secrets, so you can join a thriving community of creatives that call their businesses & lives "successful" & "Profitable".

Let's do this!

Meet Your Teacher

Emma Lemke

Creative business expert, floral designer, podcast hostess, bubble bath enthusiast (yep, every second night to be exact), Christian & dream releaser!

About 12 months into running my floristry business (over 5 years ago now) I felt overwhelmed, anxious, overworked & underpaid, exhausted with no results. I was struggling. But I had given up my 9-5 job for something better--for freedom, for time for the things that really mattered to me, and time to explore my endless creative dreams. And, of course, to make money at the same time! It was so much harder than I thought. I had no idea what I was doing. It looked & felt nothing like I had dreamed or expected! But I was determined to make it work. Surely I could make money from my creative business AND live a life full of meaning & joy? 

I started researching, experimenting, reading, listening to podcasts, doing courses, getting coaching & teaching myself everything there is to know about business. I spent around $10,000 dollars educating myself! 

Within 12 months I completely transformed my business & my life. Tripled my client price average, quadrupled my profit margin, all while only working 3 days a week & taking 3 months off every year.

I know what it’s like to see where you want to go and not know how to get there. Can I tell you a little secret? It’s actually possible to have a creative business that makes you money and gives you that life you’ve been wanting to live.

Let me show you how to actually make money creating beautiful things, no matter where you are on your journey. 

you can too!

I can't wait to meet you!

You're going to love this!

but don't just take my word for it

Emma will transform not only the way you see yourself and your business, but she will also empower you and your business to be the best it can possibly be through clear, realistic, achievable, practical strategies and clear and important insight and information. It will help you build a strong foundation for your business, which you will see benefit you every future year of your business - no matter what challenges you face.  It's personal, tailored and practical and I would not recommend it if it wasn't - because one size does not fit all! I've got different goals and values in my business than you, but this course has space for every creative business, no matter the scale or the service. It's an amazing resource that has transformed my small creative business and I know it will do the same for you too!

Brooke Michalski

Emma's coaching will help you transform your business into a business that aligns with what success looks like for you.

Creative Photographer

Doing coaching with Emma was like a breath of fresh air and completing a boot camp all rolled into one. Our sessions were absolutely the highlight of my week. So empowering! We tackled struggles that had been going around in circles for years, with such an ease and even fun! She unlocked ceilings in my business that I didn’t even know I had. The course gave me small but key direction adjustments, that have set me up for the next 5 years. I found a tangible path where I was previously wandering in the desert, living in blind hope that I’d arrive at my dream destination. Now I know exactly how to get there. 

Amanda Jones

She unlocked ceilings in my business that I didn't even know I had


I was always looking forward to my sessions with Emma, she was a delight to work with! She is just so passionate, approachable and incredibly generous with her time, knowledge and resources in creating a beautiful life hand-in-hand with business. It was so helpful that Emma also runs her own successful floral design business, so based on her pricing & marketing models I was able to implement her methods on my own floristry business to ensure it is fulfilling and financially sustainable. She helped me map out my strategy on working out how to fit my business into the life I want, (and not the other way round!) with very clear, actionable steps

Rebekah Lee

She is so generous with her time, knowledge & resources in creating a beautiful life hand-in-hand with business

Floral Designer

Emma has a fresh clarity and experienced approach to creative business. Before working Emma, I felt overwhelmed any time finances were discussed, I felt unorganised and lacked confidence. But after working with Emma I felt like I had the tools and knowledge to back my creative business. It helped me to gain confidence and control of my business knowing full well that I was able to work smarter (and not harder). I can now understand with confidence that I too have an ideal client and those who love and appreciate hand-made are generally happy to pay for the time and effort that I've put into it.

Hannah Chisek

it will help change your mindset in business & help you work smarter, not harder and prioritise the important things in life. 

Ceramicist | Mayclay

Take theirs...