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Make Time

Hello to all the makers of beautiful things — this podcast, Make it (the Creative Business Podcast) is for you. Makers who are trying to make it in the creative industry (but hopefully the title of the podcast explains all of that!)

My name is Emma Lemke, I am in Australian, florist, creative, dreamer & educator. But first and foremost a Christian and follower of Christ. This is something I don’t shy away from proclaiming because He really has enriched my life and when something enriches your life, you have to share it right!? 

This podcast has been created to inspire you and equip you with the tools you need to succeed at what you do so well – create! I believe that God has given you a gift for making things look beautiful, & naturally, as a Christian, I see art and the expression of creativity as a gift that has come from Him, the ultimate maker of all beautiful things that we see in the world. Art & creativity is definitely something that He values and I believe the world values it & needs it too. In this podcast we’re going to look at how to make beautiful things, and make it in the creative industry, while maintaining a wonderful life. 

In this podcast I don’t shy away from the realities of life & business though. I know it can be messy, chaotic, challenging & stressful. But I acknowledge that there are ways to improve our work life balance and take steps towards achieving the dreams that we have for both our life & business.  I really believe that life is what you Make it. Your creative business doesn’t need to be stressful, overwhelming or confusing. And your life doesn’t need to lack meaning and joy. There is a way to Make it in the creative industry without compromising on the things important to you – family, friends & time to contribute to the world in the way you want to.  

So, each week I’d love you to join me here in my virtual living room, with a cup of tea, a heart full of your dreams and aspirations and a mind ready to tackle how to make it in the creative industry. Together, we’re going to learn how to make a lot of things! Make art, make money, make life, make meaning, make more time and ultimately make our mark on the world. I’m so excited to share each episode with you & go on this journey together. A new podcast will be released each week, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss a thing! 

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