5 Secrets to Growing a Profitable Creative Business (while working 3 days a week)

You are obviously serious about building a business that allows you to live your best life.  Yay! You're definitely my kind of girl and you're definitely in the right place. 
In 2015 I turned my hobby (flowers) into a profitable & sustainable business model. But it wasn't easy! It took me a year of failure and another year of sheer determination to crack the "how to make money running a creative business" code.  But when I did, I was able to work 3 days a week (on average), pocket 50% of my business revenue, book dream clients, avoid doing Saturday weddings and volunteer hours of time to my church (aka have time to do the things that mattered most to me).  I don't tell you this to brag. I tell you this because I want you to believe it's possible. Ive been where you are and I'm here to help!

I'm so glad you're here!




Today you'll find me living in a small country town about 45 minutes from Newcastle, Australia, with my husband Blair. He is a Young Adults pastor so we are always entertaining people in our home and travelling around doing ministry. I love having time for this!  

I spend most of my days dreaming of ways I can help creative business owners build successful businesses. I believe the world needs your creative magic and, I believe that you can give it to them while making money, maintaining a balance and living a meaningful life. 

I left teaching, chased joy, fell in love with flowers
and built a thriving life & business. 

Now, I’m helping others how to do it. 






wife to Blair


Pinterest addict


In 2015 I was tired, stressed and anxious. I was a high school teacher, newly married and juggling, what seemed like, a world of burdens and expectations. 

I remember dreaming of quiet afternoons sipping a chai latte and reading a book, having control over my time and enjoying a life of ease, joy and freedom. And I knew that if I wanted to pursue this life, something drastic had to change, so I quit my job and chased those wild dreams of mine.

I didn’t know anything about running a business, so I didn’t have huge expectations for myself. My goal was to pursue life & joy, not money. All I wanted to do was replace my teaching wage. I decided that would be enough. 

I thought that would be easy, after all so many people were doing it and I wasn’t stupid! I thought all I had to do was grow a following on instagram and then book clients. It wasn’t long until I realised that it was SO much harder than I ever imagined! In my first year of business I made around $8,000 profit. I was deflated. I had worked SO hard. I began to think this dream of mine wasn’t possible. I remember wondering why I ever thought having a business would alleviate the tiredness, stress and anxiety I had as a teacher?! Those feelings all came back.

Let me tell you the full story. 


I learnt how to structure and run my business to actually make a profit and replace my teaching income, for real (not just in my dreams and imagination). 

But I wasn’t going to quit. I had heard so many entrepreneurs talking about the possibility of creating a “business and life you love”, so I knew there must be a way. Over $10,000 of online education and about 1-2 years worth of research, video tutorials and podcasts later, I finally learnt the secrets to success in the creative world. 

I learnt how to structure and run my business to actually make a profit and replace my teaching income, for real (not just in my dreams and imagination). I quadrupled my profit margin in 1 year, I tripled my client price average, I reduced the amount of clients I needed (giving me more time for what’s important) and I had more money to spend on growing my business. 

I now teach other creative business owners, like you, what I learnt the hard way. I want people to know that it is actually possible to make money doing what you love. Moreso, if you do it right, your business can not only allow you to make money, but will give you the time & space to live a beautiful life & make an impact on the world around you. 


I am currently watching “When Calls the Heart” on Netflix


I live in my house for only 50% of the year!


My husband (Blair) is a Youth Pastor & is obsessed with matchmaking


I want to start a Christian podcast for women (at some stage in my life)


I live on church potluck, smoothies, dinner invites & rare, spontaneous urges to create an
elaborate meal at home 


I’m a recovering messaholic
(my goal in life is to actually make my bed every day, but its a hard when you work from it!


I’m an introvert.


If I listen to music, it’s mostly classical, vintage jazz or... Blair


Occasionally I suffer from bouts of anxiety, but mostly a long shower & time with God fixes it


One day I want to publish a book


I’m obsessed with Amy Porterfield’s podcast

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