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Been thinking about launching an online course? Well I have the perfect episode planned for you. Today, I have Steph Taylor with me who is a launch strategist. She is going to share with us the 101 on launching a course. Steph has done numerous launches herself that have allowed her to travel and take vacations for months at a time. And today I pick her brain and she generously shares so much knowledge and wisdom on this topic.


  • One of the biggest benefits to selling online courses for Steph is that it has allowed her to be intentional about how she designs her week. It has given her the freedom to be flexible with her time and spend it how she wants, even letting her travel overseas for months at a time. But during this time, she is still helping people. There is a limit to the amount of clients Steph can help over a three month period and being face-to-face with clients has its struggles. But, by having an online course, there is no limit to the people she can help or the money she can make. 
  • Unsure if you should release an online course? Well I asked Steph and she thinks anyone can and should create an online course. There is a small exception to those who really love working with their clients and feel they couldn’t get the same results without that element. But, she feels everybody has an online course in them, you can do it!
  • Some of the big signs that you’re ready to launch an online course are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt out. If you’re not really loving the client work anymore, feel booked out and want some more freedom, then it is a great time to launch a course.  Another big indicator that you’re ready is if your service is being booked out months in advance. Launching an online course allows you to help more people, work less, have more time and make more money. 
  • I’m commonly asked if there is room for more courses and is the market oversaturated? So I put the question to Steph. She responded with “Just because there is already something out there giving people the same result, doesn’t mean that it’s for the same people and it doesn’t mean that it’s done in the same way that you do it”. Everyone has a unique gift and a unique way of doing things. Each course, while maybe giving the same end result as another, will attract different people.
  • Everyday people (not just business owners) buy courses too! Yes, you read that right! If they have a problem you can solve, or there is some kind of transformation you can create for them, whether it’s teaching them a skill or making their life a tiny bit easier in some little way, then there is definitely a market for it.
  • Steph talked about the two biggest mistakes people can make with online courses. The first is thinking of a topic and making content for that without talking to your audience. What you think your audience struggles with vs. what they actually struggle with can be very different. It is super important to talk to them to find out how you can best help them. The second mistake is that people try to cram every little thing they know into the course.  An online course is not the place to prove how much you know. Your audience will never finish a course if it is just a big black hole of information and it’s not bringing them any closer to their transformation. In a way, if you can get someone from point A to point B with less content, that is more valuable because you’re saving their time. The course is not about you. It should come from a place of service. 
  • When it comes to pricing a course, it’s easy to believe the myth that the more content in the course, the more it is worth. This is not true. Steph believes the price should be based on the transformation you’re giving. The more people pay for your course, the more they will value it and be willing to put in the work and see results. So, Steph would be reluctant to undercharge, and suggest pushing our comfort zone and charge an amount where we start to feel a little uncomfortable. The value of the course should be in the solution or transformation it gives. 


  • Steph advice on where to start would be asking your audience a question. If you have an email list, social media following, or even real life clients, put the question out there and ask what it is they struggle with. When they respond, pay close attention to the words they say and any key words that keep popping up amongst responses. Finding out what the challenge is that you can help them to overcome is the best place to start when wanting to launch an online course and also helps you to avoid launching a course that no one actually wants.


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