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Today, I have Kate Wilkinson on the podcast with me and I’m really excited for you to hear this one. Kate is a Pinterest queen. She worked her magic on my very own Pinterest account and I have gone from 12,000 monthly unique viewers to 185,000 monthly unique viewers in the short span of 2 months. She not only talks about Pinterest strategy, but she tests all the strategies out on her clients and gets huge success. In this episode, Kate is going to break down Pinterest for you and talk about how you can start using Pinterest to generate traffic to your business in 2020. We look at what Pinterest is, why Pinterest is so powerful, where to start if you’d like to start using Pinterest for marketing, how to design successful pins, how many pins you should be pinning per day and so much more. 


  • Kate Wilkinson is a Pinterest Strategist, coach and educator. She fell in love with the work smart not hard aspect of Pinterest and now has her own business, Kate Wilkinson Creative, to help other people use Pinterest to its fullest potential.
  • There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what Pinterest is. Kate explains that it should be thought of and talked about as a search engine not a social media platform. It is like a modern day google that is prettier and more visual.  The best way to think about it in terms of marketing for a business is imagining your dream clients making a search for what they’re looking for. Pinterest users are far more intentional then users on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook,, they’re looking for some kind of solution.
  • One of the biggest reasons Pinterest is so powerful in marketing is because the average lifespan of a pin is a couple of months, whereas a tweet might only last a few minutes and an Instagram post 24 hours. When you create new content, if you can take just a couple of minutes to share that content to Pinterest, that really small amount of effort will drive leads, subscribers and clients to your website for months or years to come. Pinterest is low effort and great reward.
  • When people use Pinterest, they can search for what they want and like. Once they have found it, it is a simple click to get from the pin to your website. These users who find themself on your website are called hot leads. Hot leads are far more likely to subscribe to your emailing list or even purchase from you because they are there. Their journey from discovering to buying is far more simple than on other platforms like Instagram.
  • After hearing all this, are you thinking “Where should I start?”. Kate has a Pinterest Makeover Guide just for you! But, a good place to start is switching over to a business account. You can choose whether you want to create a new account for your business or if you want to convert your current account over to a business account. You should think of your pinterest profile like a billboard for your business. The boards and content should reflect the products or services you sell now and want to sell in the future. It’s ok to have boards not related to your business, but just make them private to keep your public profile a clear picture of who you are as a business.
  • As with every online platform, different trends come and go. Kate gave us a little insight to the current trends for Pinterest in 2020. Videos have started coming to Pinterest. Users enjoy engaging with video content. So if you have videos on other platforms like IGTV, you can also upload them to Pinterest. The really long pins that used to be all over Pinterest have left the scene. For those using Adobe or Canva, the optimal size is 600 pixels wide by 900 pixels high. Users want tall, clean, clear and brightly designed pins that really reflect what they will see when they click through.
  • It can be hard to know how many pins to pin a day or how often you can repin the same content. For her and her clients, Kate aims to pin 10-20 pins per day. This may sound like a lot, but if you use Tailwind, it can make it easy. Tailwind is a great scheduling app that is an approved partner of Pinterest, meaning it stays up to date with the latest algorithms. It also means you don’t have to show up everyday, you can schedule pins to post ahead of time and Tailwind will post them at a time when you will receive the most engagement. You should prioritise pinning more of your own content then others. You should never repin the same pin to more than 10 of your boards. Use tailwind to spread out when you reshare that pin to other boards. You shouldn’t be resharing that pin more frequently than every 7 days. To receive your first month with Tailwind for free, use the coupon in Kate’s Instagram bio.
  • Kate really emphasises the importance of using keywords on your pins. It tells Pinterest what your pin is about. Categorises it. Tags it. Use clear and simple words to explain what your pin is about. Don’t be scared about being super specific with the words you use on your post because being niche is really beneficial to you in helping you find your ideal clients.


  • After listening to the episode or reading this blog, Kate says your first step from here should be to switch your pinterest account to a business account. Set to private all the boards on your profile which don’t match what you do, what you’re about or what you want to be known as an expert in. Then, spend time sharing your work on the platform. Any digital content you’ve created, share it all.


Website | @katewilkinsoncreative | Pinterest

Kate has so kindly offered to help any of our listeners out if they have any other questions or need help with Pinterest. Just head over to her Instagram and send her a DM.

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