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In this episode of the podcast, I am joined by the amazing Tatiana Soash who joins us all the way from Los Angeles. Tatiana is a true creative right to her bones and I am really excited for you to hear all about her journey. She is an incredible Graphic Designer and Hand Letterer – her work is truly phenomenal. She has 5.2 million unique monthly viewers on Pinterest and gives us a mini tutorial on how we too can grow that kind of viewership. She also provides some tips on what she does, how she gets her ideal clients and how she has been getting consistent work straight from pinterest. This is an inspiring episode full of actionable tips that you won’t want to miss!


  • Tatiana first got into the graphic design world after being employed by an online clothing company. She found a passion for design work, however soon felt the restrictions of working for someone else. This led her to start up her own business so she could more fully use her creative potential.
  • Once starting her own business, Tatiana struggled finding the correct way to price her work. After working a 9-5 job and being paid the hours she worked, she struggled transitioning into the freelancing world. It was a book called ‘You are Badass’ by Jen Sincero that helped Tatiana to get into a mindset of seeing the value of her work and being able to price accordingly.
  • Pinterest is an awesome way to put yourself out there and find clients. Tatiana began putting her work on Pinterest before she actually left her first Graphic Design job and now has 5.2 million monthly unique viewers. Majority of her clients come through Pinterest. People use pinterest as a search engine so it has made it really easy for her to get her work seen. See Tatiana’s youtube video to learn more about how she got over a million viewers on Pinterest. Here is a quick link to check out her Pinterest page, it looks incredible!
  • Tatiana’s biggest tip for using Pinterest is to research keywords to use. Any pins you create and post should include your name (or Instagram title) in the pin title and use key words in the description of the pin. She even gave us permission to go on her pinterest and steal her keywords 😉
  • Tatiana’s Pinterest profile is full of boards and pins that inspire her. She has some boards which are purely for inspiration, some which have just her work, and some which are a mix of both. Having boards with inspiration for something specific (such as packaging boxes) makes it easy to send clients a link to so they can also be inspired and get ideas if they are wanting that sort of product.
  • Developing her own personal brand was crucial to Tatiana’s business. It is easy for people to just post work they do for their clients, but having an account for your own brand allows you to showcase your full creative potential without being restricted by what specific clients want from you. This gives you a recognisable brand which opens you up to more clients.
  • Something Tatiana wishes she was told before starting a business was to be open to wherever your brand takes you. Having a strict mindset on the work you do and where you want to go can limit your clients and income. It’s good to be flexible and open to new directions.
  • Finding a creative community online is extremely beneficial. It is a place you can ask for advice or tips and tricks from people in a similar position to you. It is a great way to build up a network of people, which can also help generate revenue.
  • The final thing I wanted to ask Tatiana (I know many of you wanted to ask too) was how she does all her amazing hand lettering, particularly on her Instagram stories? She uses mainly two awesome apps on her iPad Pro which are Procreate and Over. Procreate is more for hand lettering and she uses Over to create photo designs and collages. 
  • Tatiana was super kind in offering for anyone with more questions about her business or all things Graphic Design to DM her. She would love to hear from you and try to answer any questions you might have. Here is a quick link to her Instagram where you can DM her.




> Website

> Pinterest

> Instagram

> Youtube

> ‘You are Badass’ by Jen Sincero

> Tatiana’s youtube video on how she got 1 million viewers on Pinterest

> iPad design apps Procreate and Over

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