Should I be selling at the moment? If so, how?

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This episode answers the number one question at the moment “Should I be selling at the moment? If so, how?”. In this episode, I talk about my own struggles in this area and give you some ideas on how you can be selling during this time of crisis. The short answer is, yes you should be selling at the moment! I make the following points in the episode:

  1. You need to survive. 
  2. There is actually more money out there than you think. The governments are pouring money into household incomes to support the economy. Those who are suffering financially are being supported. 
  3. Don’t over dramatise this. Stop making statements like “Noone can afford me at the moment”. This is a mind game you are playing with yourself. There may not be as many people that can buy, but there are still a lot of people who can & actually want to.
  4. Make Adjustments. You may need to pivot and change things up a bit, but you can still sell. Just make sure that it will serve your audience and is relevant to what they are experiencing right now. It might mean you advertise and push a lower priced item during this time.
  5. Get your messaging right! Your messaging and how you communicate with your audience will make a difference in your sales right now. Don’t turn off and pretend that nothing is happening, speak to the current climate and offer solutions. Your message will mean everything. 

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