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The Importance of Branding with Jasmine Flamenco

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In this episode I connect with and interview a great friend of mine, Jasmine Flamenco (how cool is her name!). She is a serial-preneur! She’s had her hands in a lot of creative pies and has recently settled into a Graphic Design business where she creates some beautiful and unique logos, websites and designs for other creative business owners. During the interview we talk about not only Jasmine’s journey from studying graphic design at university, to working for Graphic Design companies and then doing her own thing. I also pick her brain around the importance of visual branding, a logo, a website & a pretty Instagram feed.. I think you’re going to love some of the really practical tips she gives on all things visual in a creative business. Here are some highlights from the episode:

Jasmine’s Journey

  • Jasmine currently runs a Graphic Design business called ‘The Wild Now’ in which she helps other small creative businesses build a logo and brand which sells who they are to their ideal client.
  • Getting to this point of running a profitable creative business has had Jasmine on quite the journey. From studying two different degrees, running a wedding videography business with her husband, and working for other various companies, it wasn’t until she was let go at her job that she was forced to put in the extra effort to get her own business up and running. This was understandably a difficult and stressful time for Jasmine, but it reiterates a strong point emphasised in a book I recently read by Brendon Burchard called ‘High Performance Habits’, highlighting the importance of necessity when it comes to starting a business. (Click here to learn more about High Performance Habits).
  • Being a multi-passionate creative can make it hard to settle on just one aspect of creativity. Jasmine tells how she has always been drawn towards design. Even in school, she used to love making things look pretty and well designed. It is something she is not only comfortable doing, but enjoys and is passionate about.

Branding Tips and Tricks

  • Did you know there is a difference between branding and a logo? It is very easy to get them confused. Jasmine clarifies that a logo is the symbol your brand is recognised by, and does not create an emotional reaction from clients. However, branding does create an emotional response. It’s that part of your business that clients come in contact with. To learn more follow the link to check out Jasmine’s recent Instagram post on Brand vs. Logo.
  • The visual branding of your business can alter how your clients view the service you provide. A visually appealing brand not only attracts clients but also gives them a more positive or negative perception of the service you provide. It is an important part of how your audience comes to know you and determines what they expect from you.
  • Jasmine highlights the importance of having not only a visually appealing logo, but one that also communicates to your ideal audience. The effectiveness of a logo is highly dependent on its ability to communicate to the audience you’re trying to attract. Both Jasmine and I recommend the investment of having a designer create a logo for your business. I used Tess Guinery to create my Floral and Mineral logo and do not regret it at all! I also used Brooke Art Studio for my podcast logo & my Emma Jane Lemke logo.
  • With the growing use of social media and particularly instagram, are websites still important? Jasmine believes that using Instagram is a great way to attract clients, however, there should be more substance behind that such as a website. Having a website gives you another level of professionalism and backs you up.
  • Since your Instagram feed is a great way to attract clients, Jasmine gives us some great tips on how to make your feed visually appealing. She suggests limiting fonts, colours and picture styles to only one or two. Using the same preset to edit photos is also a good way to ensure they look similar.
  • Jasmine’s final takeaway tips are to think about your ideal audience and what you want to communicate to them when making any decisions, and have consistency when it comes to your visuals.

How to Connect with Jasmine

The best place to connect with Jasmine is on her Instagram page You can also find her through her website which is currently being redone, however, I still think it is worth checking out before the new look is complete.

One last thing…

I just want to tell you about something really cool that Jasmine & her friend Sheona have just started up in the Newcastle area. It’s called “the Re club” (R – E Club). Basically they’re reacting to the problem of soooo many clothes going to waste or ending up in landfill because Op shops are not able to keep up with the amount of clothing coming in and are only selling about 15%. The girls are going to take op shopping to another level  and create beautiful pop up stalls & shopping events around Newcastle. This will encourage people to support a more sustainable way of shopping for clothes. I love this. I’ve been really convicted in the last couple of years around clothing and the fashion industry and I’m trying to take my wardrobe slowly to a more sustainable model. To learn more about this you can check out their website or their Instagram page @the_re_club.

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