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5 Boundaries You Need in Your Life & Business

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Boundaries! If I struggle with anything, it’s this. Boundaries! This is something I am intentionally working on in my life & business at the moment and something I think you should be working on too. In this episode, I give you 5 boundary ideas that you should implement straight away! They’re easy, but effective! Here is a snapshot:

  1. Create office hours. Begin your day at a particular time and end your day at a particular time. Stop working just “whenever” and merging your personal life and business life together. 
  2. Limit your client intake. Decide on how many clients you want to take on each month and stick to it! This will actually be a positive thing in so many ways.
  3. Personal Phone Use. Our phones can be so interruptive. If we work with our phone by our side, the temptation to pick it up, scroll social media, or instantly respond to text messages is too big! Put your phone away and have a window during the day for phone use.
  4. Plan your Big 3. Thank you Michael Hyatt for this one! The guru of productivity says to pick 3 things to work on and prioritise everyday. Get these 3 things done before you do anything else.
  5. Give yourself more time than you think. When you communicate with clients, let them know something will take you 3 days if you think it will take you 1 day. Under promise and over deliver. 

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