5 Secrets to Growing a Profitable Creative Business (while working 3 days a week)

7 Pillars of a Successful Creative Business

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You may have heard before that most small businesses don’t make it passed the 5 year mark. The statistics are discouraging, so in this episode, I go into why I think a lot of small businesses may be failing and talk about the 7 Pillars of Every Successful Creative Business. The 7 pillars are: Defining & Focusing, Sales & Marketing, Pricing & Profit, Creative Edge, Mindset, Analysis & Strategy, and Systems & Workflows. I know! That’s a lot of points, but I explain each one and we’ll delve deeper into these in future episodes!

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I’m so glad I began to use Brooke’s presets after along time of knowing I should be, but not getting around to it! Look at the difference it’s made to my photos. Click on any of the images below to find out more.

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