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In this episode, I interview Social media and SEO Expert, Jessica Shipton. Jess studied a Bachelor of Communications, double majoring in Digital & Social Media and Public Communications. On top of this, she gained a lot of industry experience working for a marketing agency. She now runs her own business helping other businesses grow their online presence through Social Media, SEO and Google Advertising.  Now, I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but that means she knows a whole lot more than I do about the foreign world of SEO & Google! In this interview, Jess takes us through five simple ways that SEO can drive more traffic to a website. This is like a little mini training and by the end of the episode you will have some actionable steps to take for your business. 

These are the 5 topics we get into in the episode:

  1. Adding Keywords – When words are typed into a search engine, the search engine will identify websites (to the searcher) that are most relevant to what they’re trying to look for, by identifying websites that use the same words they’ve typed into the search engine. This is why keywords are so important!  To increase SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you can identify which words your audience will be typing into Google and make sure to incorporate these keywords into the text of your website. 
  2. Implementing Metadata – If you’re anything like me and are asking, “what the heck is metadata?!” you need to listen to Jess give a very simple explanation inside the episode – everything finally clicked for me. But, basically metadata is the information that will end up on the search engine page to help the user (person using the search engine) decide whether your website is relevant to them and what they’re looking for. So if you make sure your page titles and meta descriptions (hidden description you can write about the page on your website in the “meta description” section) Google and users of Google (or other search engines) will determine that your site is relevant to them or not relevant to them. So, if you’re like me, and haven’t got your meta descriptions in your website, get to it!
  3. Image Alt-Text – this is a must-take-action item for all creatives with very visual websites. Basically image alt-text is a hidden description of all the photos on your website. Having these descriptions on your images will make these images searchable through different search engines. 
  4. Readability – If your website isn’t user friendly and readable, users probably won’t like it. If Google notices a trend of people going into your website and then quickly exiting, your website may not be favoured. Readability is just generally a great strategy to increase sales. If people don’t like your website or don’t understand what you offer, this can directly affect your sales. 
  5. Inbound, Outbound & Internal Links – This one is my favourite! If other websites are referring traffic to your website and your website is referring traffic to other websites – Google loves it! And I love it too, because it means collaboration and making friends in the industry is key. How cool that when we promote other people and what they’re doing, it can actually help us? Competition is a thing of the past. Google also likes it when people are clicking on things in your website and moving from page to page, so make sure you have links within your website that people can click on to take them to other areas of your website. 

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Yoast –
  2. Neil Patel –
  3. Answer the Public – “Answer the Public” –

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