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Two weeks ago I had the privilege to go and see Marie Forleo live in Brisbane. She was launching her new book “Everything is figureoutable”.

For those of you who don’t know Marie Forleo, she basically is a business & life coach who runs an online training course called “B School” and an award winning online TV program called “Marie TV”. She has been on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and I like to describe her as the female “Tony Robbins”. Way before her book was ever written, or in the process of being written, I listened to her talk on Oprah where she talked about this concept of “Everything is figureoutable”. For a couple of years now this phrase “Everything is figureoutable” has been wrenched into my mind as I navigate life and business. It’s a phrase that my business girlfriends and I use and quote to each when we’re facing something challenges in our businesses. I’ve had numerous texts just with the words “everything is figureoutable”. And this concept that everything that we face in our business (or life) can be figured out has got me out of some really tricky situations and is still helping me to navigate some tricky situations in my life and business. Everything is figureoutable! Everything is figureoutable!

Basically this philosophy is saying is that whatever you face, whatever the challenge, hurdle, obstacle or setback – there is something you can do to rise above it, to figure it out and find yourself triumphant on the other end!  

Everything is figureoutable as helped me navigate how to turn my business from a $8,000 profitable business to a $50,000 profitable business within 6 months. This concept has helped me figure out how to replace my 9-5 job with a wedding wedding flower business, while on working a few days a week. This concept has helped me figure out how to juggle life and business. How to juggle ministry and business. How to keep my floristry business going while I move and live in a different location. And now I’m using this concept to figure out a few more things in my life that I’m juggling and I will share a little bit about that, too, in this podcast.

And just a pep talk before we get into four concepts that I have learnt from reading Marie’s book “Everything is Figureoutable” and going to her live conference in Brisbane, YOU CAN DO IT! If you have the mindset that everything is figureoutable, the next time you face something that’s a little challenging, or you can’t see a way to make something work, I want you to quote to yourself “everything is figureoutable” and then knuckle down, use your brain, or the brain power of people around you and figure it out. 

But basically our brains are wired to figure things out. When we are put into a situation where we can’t do anything, except stop and figure things out. We find that there is always a solution, things can be figured out. It is the same with business. Things can be figured out. When you are faced with a problem. You can figure it out. 

I have never said I can’t do anything to any client that has contacted me regarding a flower job. Everytime, I figure it out. I do whatever it takes. I watch a youtube video, I practice. I draw a picture. I call someone. I always figure it out. 

I have four points and takeaways from the book that I want to highlight to you. 

ONE  “You wouldn’t have the dream in your heart, if you didn’t have what it takes to achieve it”.  

Well amen to that! I have spent the year consulting numerous creative small business owners and what I’ve realised is how mind set plays into the way they run their businesses. There is a lot of self doubt out there. If you’re reading this, I want you to start believing in yourself. If you have a dream, you have the means to achieve it. There is a way to figure it out, to achieve what you want to achieve. You have everything it takes to be successful. Everything it takes to make that dream become a reality. Your beliefs and what you believe about yourself or the world in general, will affect the results that you have. I can give you all the tips in the world on what to do to create a successful and thriving business, but if you don’t believe you can, you won’t. You need to believe. Deep down in your soul, you need to believe in yourself. Marie puts it so well in the chapter “the magic of belief”. She says that “beliefs are the hidden scripts that run our lives”. You belief systems literally run your life. You beliefs dictate your thoughts. You thoughts dictate your feelings. Your feelings dictate your behaviour. And your behaviour will dictate your results. So in order to solve any problem or achieve any dream, you must first make a change in the level of belief. Marie says, “when you change a belief, you change everything”. And in a long term sense, if you don’t stop and look at your beliefs and what you believe about yourself and change them towards more positive and empowering beliefs, you will reap the consequences of that belief. “Every belief has a consequence. Your beliefs either heal you or harm you. They either support your aspirations or thwart them. Belief becomes the source of your limitation or your liberation”. Henry Ford puts it this way, “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”. What he means is, if you think you can’t…you can’t. But it you think you can…you can. Your beliefs and thoughts about yourself make all the difference.

I want you to firstly, get the book and read it, but secondly write down what you truly, truly believe about yourself and your business. I want you to write it all down. Find a quiet spot for a few hours and really dig deep into your beliefs. Not just those surface beliefs, but the ones that are rooted deep down in there too. I want you to then put a huge cross through them. Scribble on them…put some angry faces on top of them. Then I want you to turn each of those beliefs into a positive one. So for example, “I believe that I don’t have enough money to grow a successful business”. For this one, I want you to write “I believe I  have enough money for what it takes and I also have plenty of free resources that will help me achieve my dreams”. Or another example would be “I don’t think I am talented enough”. I want you to write something like “I am talented, capable and have a unique gift to give to the world”. Get in the practice of turning those negative beliefs into positive ones. With the negative beliefs that you have that really eat into your productivity, I want you to write a positive one and have it pinned up somewhere for you to see everyday. Believe in yourself! How you believe will directly impact the results you achieve. Another quotable quote from Marie on these lines is “The most powerful words in the world are the ones you say to yourself”. Make sure you are proclaiming good, positive and self supporting words to yourself. I have a freebie that is going to help you do this. It’s a little cheat sheet with a series of mindset prompts to help you really delve deep into some of the false beliefs that you might be having about yourself that are stopping you from getting the results you want in your business. So if you click here you will find it there.

TWO “Have radical self honesty. Often when you use the word ‘can’t’, what you’re really saying is you ‘won’t’. 

We give ourselves so many excuses. Have you heard of any of these? Marie lists a few examples of excuses we use in her book, like: 

“I need to start exercising again, but I’m just so busy with work and the kids. Can’t do it – no time”. 

“My finances are a mess. No matter what I do,  I can’t seem to get ahead. I’m just not a numbers person”. 

“I really want to take that design class. It could open up a whole new career! But it’s too expensive — I can’t afford it” 

“I can’t get up and work out every day”

“I can’t find the time to get writing done”

“I can’t forgive her for what she’s done”

“I can’t ask for help”

“I can’t create a successful business”

“I can’t figure out how to price”

You will notice the word “Can’t” coming up again and again. Marie says that when you say “can’t” what you’re really saying is “you don’t want to”. 

“You don’t want to get up and work out every day”

“You don’t want to find the time to get writing done” or you don’t want to get uncomfortable or inconvenienced. What you’re really saying is that it’s not that important to you and it’s not a big enough priority. Marie shifts the word can’t, to won’t. When you replace the word “can’t” with “won’t” you realise that you’re actually being a lot more honest. 

“I won’t get up and work out everyday”

“I won’t ask for help”

“I won’t figure out how to create a successful business”

“I won’t figure out how to price”. 

It’s really important that you take responsibility for your life and for your business. It’s so easy to come up with excuses. Excuses like “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t have the money” or “I don’t know how/or where to start.” Marie says that these are the three most common excuses and I have to agree. I hear all of these excuses often when I’m talking with clients. And, quite frankly, I use these excuses myself. 

A really great exercise that Marie encourages people to do, is to track their time for a week. She says to write down what you do every minute of the day. Get super specific with what you’re actually doing and when. When you write everything down and then evaluate it, you might actually find that you do, in fact, have time. You may realise that you waste 5 hours a day on social media. I know that sounds crazy, but have you ever actually looked at how much time you spend on social media or your phone in general? You might be shocked like I was. You might find that you spend 3 hours a day watching TV or Netflix. The key here is to be radically honest with your evaluation of yourself. Be radically honest about what you do during the day and see if there is any time wasted. And to be clear, having down time, is not wasted time. I think it’s necessary to have down time and i think we have to be honest about how much time we can actually give to productive work everyday, but most often than not, we’ll find that we are spending more time than is necessary on “down time” activities. I might be wrong, but I encourage you to have a look at your busy schedule, write everything down and see what you can eliminate or change to give yourself time for your priorities. It might mean scheduling in 1 hour every day to work on a book you’re writing. Or 2 hours everyday working towards your business idea or new venture. Marie thinks that you can save at least 2 hours every day for your priorities if you really evaluate how you use your time. 

If your excuse is around money – sell stuff, do crowd funding, find free resources you can use, spend less on something else in your life, put money aside, get a loan. There is always a way to get more money. I feel like I’m preaching to myself right now! 

THREE  “Fear is not the enemy, waiting to not feel fear is” 

OK I absolutely love this one, because, at times, fear can be really crippling for me. And I’m constantly waiting until I don’t feel the fear and anxiety anymore, to do something. When I left my teaching job and started my business do you think the fear of it not working had left me by then? No way. This was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done in my life. The fear was still very much there. If I had waited until I did feel fear anymore, I never would have done it. 

I think the point that Marie is making here, is that fear isn’t necessarily something to always run away from, but something to lean into. Just because you feel fear, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something. It might seem a little counter intuitive, but fear isn’t always a bad thing. It can propel us into positive action. Even though I feared starting a business and never making money, I think what I fear most, was staying in a job that was so stressful I thought my life was over! Marie even goes onto say that “fear is your souls GPS”. She says “nine times out of ten, our fear is directive. It’s a signpost, pointing us in the exact direction our soul wants to go…anytime you imagine moving forward with an idea, you may feel afraid. But fear doesn’t speak with words, she’s doing her best to send a message by making you feel. And this where we often get it wrong. We interpret any fear-like sensation to mean, “Danger. Stop. Don’t move ahead.” On cue, the voice in our head rattles off a list of rationalisations designed to keep us away from the perceived danger: Are you nuts? Just don’t. You’re way too young for that. You don’t have the talent. Everyone’s done it already. Way better. What a stupid idea. The result? We take no action. Zero growth occurs. Comfort zone intact. But what if we misinterpreted the signal? What if fear’s message wasn’t “Danger” but “do it!”. The fear is actually “Jumping up and down, waving her hands and causing the biggest ruckus she could saying “yes, yes, yes, this is important. Go head – do this thing!” 

It’s important to interpret fear the right way. It might be pointing out danger, or it might be pointing out an opportunity that is hard, it’s going to get your out of your comfort zone, it’s going to challenge you in new ways…but it’s going to be the best thing for you. Make sure that fear doesn’t stop you from giving everything your very best! Don’t let fear stop you, but lean into fear when you have to. So often fear comes from our insecurities that we’re not good enough. This is fundamentally UNTRUE! We may need to build some skills, get some more expertise, figure things out a little, but we can and do have what it takes. Identify your fear. If you fear is wrapped up in a fear of making a mistake, not getting it right, failing, being criticised, being judged, looking stupid. That fear is from insecurity. That voice in your head is telling you lies. Catch it. Making sure you identify it when it creeps in. Make sure you ignore it and keep moving forward in a positive direction! 

FOUR  “Progress not perfection”

I love this chapter in Marie’s book and this mantra. Progress not perfection. I have done so many funny, imperfect things in my business! My very first Facebook Ad that I ever did took people to my church website. It took me a whole day to realise it. When I was doing my first few webinars, I was showing my husband Blair how to use it and I recorded the whole thing, made it live and available for viewing. So there were a number of people who watched Blair and I, in our pyjamas, looking at how to run a webinar. Talk about behind the scenes! My first wedding ever, I did my first flower crown ever. I watched a youtube video 2 hours before I actually had to leave to deliver all the flowers.  I have done so many imperfect things in my business. There are still imperfect things that drive me crazy. Like a spelling mistake I made in a freebie that I get emails. I know from this, that I’m talking with a bunch of perfectionists! You guys notice even little mistakes on my freebies! 

I think it is great to want to do things well, but there are so many setbacks from wanting to do things perfect.  Sometimes we don’t do anything at all, because we are waiting for it to be perfect, or for ourselves to be perfect. If I was waiting for things to be perfect, I would never have launched my ebook this year for florists. It was far from perfect, but it was good! It was raw. It was authentic. It had all the information I could muster up about how I ran my floristry business. We want things to be perfect, because we want people to think highly of us. To say “job well done” or “did you see how amazing Emma’s ebook was?!” We care so much about what people think, so we wait until our work is perfect to put it out in the world for people to see. But, the problem with this is, we never end up showing up or putting our work out there. Perfectionism can be crippling. It can stop us from moving forward. It can stop us from achieving our dreams. IT IS SO IMPORTANT to let go of perfectionism and just to put, whatever we are working on, out there in the world. Put it out in its imperfect form. Than put it out again in a better form next time if you wish. This podcast would NEVER have started if I was waiting for it to be perfect. Another interesting thought here is that perfectionism is actually selfishness. Its thinking more about self than it is about others. Perfectionism is driven by the fear of what people may think. It’s not actually caring about those people at all. If I let the fear of what other people think have a higher value in mind than actually helping people. This podcast would not exist. My consulting business would not exist. I really had to evaluate myself and think about what I cared most about, myself or others? And because I decided, rationally, that I wanted to choose people over myself. I got the courage to put out my work, my thoughts, my ebook, my course, my consulting service, my podcast – into the world, even when it wasn’t perfect. Why? Because I believed that I had something I could give. Something that could help people, even if it wasn’t perfect. I want to read a small excerpt from Marie’s book about progress not perfection. “Progress not perfection. From this moment forward, that’s all you strive for. Progress not perfection. That’s the measuring stick you use to determine whether you’re on track. That’s all you care about. Did you make progress? Did you apply effort to learn and grow as it relates to what you want? It doesn’t matter how small; progress is all you’re after”. I want this mantra to become something you say to yourself over and over again in your business. Got it!? 


There is so much more in Marie’s book, I want you to buy it. It’s available in almost all bookstores now and you can most definitely order it online. I want you to go through it and really digest the ideas in there. 

There is so much more than just time, money or skills is holding us back from running successful businesses or taking our businesses to the next level. Most of the time, it has nothing to do with time, money or skills. It’s got to do with our mindset and what we’re telling ourselves. I want you to start adopting some of these thoughts into your life. Remember to tell yourself that “Everything is figureoutable” and that “fear is not the enemy, waiting to not feel fear is”. I want you to start recognised that when you say “can’t”, what you’re actually saying is “won’t” and when you’re striving to do something well in your business, remember that your aim should be ‘progress not perfection’. And that leads me to Make it Happen segment of my podcast. I want you to write down all of the deep down beliefs that you have about yourself. I want you to turn any negative beliefs into positive ones and I want you to read through these each day until they become real to you. So write down all of the negative beliefs that you have about yourself, turn them into positive ones and read them everyday until you believe them!

Well I hope that you enjoyed that episode. Thank you Marie Forleo for your amazing book. It’s an absolute inspiration! And if you haven’t already, get your hands on a copy.

I have a freebie that is going to help you do this. It’s a little cheat sheet with a series of mindset prompts to help you really delve deep into some of the false beliefs that you might be having about yourself that are stopping you from getting the results you want in your business.

And don’t forget the freebie that goes with this episode!


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